3 Simple Tips For Getting Rid of Credit Card Debt

credit cardAre credit cards ruining your life? Do you find it impossible to keep them in your purse? Maybe your credit card debt is so huge, that you don’t know which way to turn?

Millions of Americans use Credit Cards every day, and a large percentage of those people end up letting the situation spiral out of control.

In a short amount of time, you can easily owe thousands of dollars, and with no way to repay the debt, your financial future starts to look extremely bleak.

Here are 3 simple tips for getting rid of credit card debt…once and for all!

Consolidation loan

Maybe you have heard of a consolidation loan? In a nutshell, this is simply where you put all of your current credit card debt into one big loan, so everything becomes easier to manage.

The main advantage of going down this route, is that the minimum monthly payment becomes lower, so you can remove the financial stress and start making the payments without much of a problem.

Speak to the credit card company

Are you hiding away from the credit card company? Do you ignore their letters and phone calls? If so, then please be aware that this is one of the worst things you can do. Just hoping the situation will go away will not solve your problem, and in the majority of cases it will simply make it worse.

Instead, it’s a much better idea to face the debt head on. Contact the credit card company right away and see if there is any chance of working out an alternative payment schedule.

At the end of the day, it’s important to realize that they are not the enemy. If you are prepared to work with them, then you might be able to get rid of credit card debt quicker than you think.

Don’t apply for any new credit cards

When you want to get out of a hole, you’ve got to stop digging! The same can be said about credit card debt.

Sure, it might seem tempting to just apply for one more, but ultimately, this ensures that your misery will continue.

Swear to yourself right now that you will never apply for another credit card. If you can do this, then you are well on your way to getting rid of credit card debt, as you will no longer be adding to the mess.


What Do You Do When You Need Debt Relief?

debt burdenIf you are currently experiencing massive debt, then it can seem like there is no way out. The sleepless nights, the constant worry, and all of the stress…when will it ever end?

It’s important to understand that you are not alone. In recent years, there has been a massive increase in the amount of debt experienced by America citizens. Why is this? It’s mostly due to the recent economic crisis, as many towns and cities have really taken a financial hit.

Luckily, there is hope, and more importantly, a solution for your problem. Debt relief in the USA has been gaining in momentum, and with a few simple phone calls, you could soon be on the fast track to a healthier bank balance and a brighter financial future.

So just what are your options when it comes to debt relief? Let’s take a look…

Consolidation loan

If you have multiple debts, and are struggling to keep up with the mounting monthly repayments, then a consolidation loan could be the answer to your prayers.

What is a consolidation loan? Quite simply, it’s where you put all of your current loans, into one big loan, which means everything becomes easier to manage. In essence, it’s like wiping the slate clean and starting again, so you can start the process of regaining control over your finances.

Debt settlement

Another option available to you is to negotiate a debt settlement. While this can be very effective if you do it right, it is also known to be a complicated process.

This is why it’s a good idea to hire an expert who can guide you every step of the way. Not only can they offer you valuable advice about your situation, but they will also negotiate on your behalf, so you can reduce your debt as much as possible.

Debt counseling

Quite possibly the most popular form of debt relief comes in the form of debt counseling. This is where you go to an organization to talk about your debt problems, and then they can then work on a plan with you to get out of the mess.

In some cases, they may even be able to speak with lenders on your behalf, to organize some valuable breathing room for you.

This is a very good route to take if your debt problems have not yet reached critical point. They might be on the verge of reaching boiling point, but with the help of a debt counseling company, you can quickly and easily turn the situation around into your favor.


Are Your Employees Lazy? Or Do You Just Need a Plan?

planning meetingWhether you own a business, or are in charge of a team of workers, productivity in the office is often a hot topic. Sometimes, it can seem like employees are only working at 25% of their potential, and when this starts to happen on a regular basis, then your bottom line starts to suffer.

If you want to avoid the hiring and firing merry-go-round, then you just need to implement a simple plan to get the most out of your employees. With a few basic changes, you can easily get productivity close to 100% on a consistent basis.

Here are some effective ideas for increasing productivity in your office:

Monitor internet activity

If you suspect that some of your employees are slacking off work and surfing the internet instead, then you might want to consider installing some software to monitor what everyone is doing.

A good article that explains this more in depth can be found at –

Productivity software

In recent years, there has been a huge surge in the amount of productivity software products hitting the market. With a few simple clicks of your mouse, you could easily view the performance of every single employee in your office, and even get ideas from the software on how to increase the results.

If anybody objects to the use of such software, then you should be prepared to fire them as soon as possible.

Understand strengths

Have you considered that the reason for low productivity by certain members of your team, could be due to the fact that you are not playing to their strengths?

This is an important factor to consider, a with a few simple tweaks, the productivity in your office could go through the roof. Assign people to the correct roles, and you will definitely notice the difference.

Give praise

It’s not uncommon for employees to feel under appreciated. While you don’t have to roll out the red carpet for them, and shower them with compliments every 20 minutes, you might want to consider offering a little bit more praise on a consistent basis.

Even a few words of encouragement can go a long way to boosting productivity among your employees.

Ask for opinions

If productivity is at an all-time low, then maybe the best way forward is to simply ask your team for opinions. There might be a major problem that you are missing, and the only way to identify the problem and then solve it, is to talk to your employees and find out their opinions.


Is 2013 The Best Time to Buy Gold…EVER?

Investment safeAs you are no doubt aware, gold prices are at an all-time high. Interestingly, experts are predicting that this is only going to increase, and in a few years time they could SOAR to massive heights.

With this in mind, the only question that remains is…why haven’t you invested in gold yet?

Make no mistake about it, now is the time to strike. If you buy some gold bars or coins in the next few months, they could be worth double or triple their current value in only a few short years.

Here are a few factors to keep in mind before taking the plunge:

Gold IRA account

If buying gold coins and bars doesn’t appeal to you, then you may want to consider opening a gold IRA account. This can be done through your current employer or with an independent company.

Ultimately,Gold IRA Investing Options are everywhere right now, so you will have no trouble finding something to suit you.

Buying gold online

It seems that the most popular way to buy gold these days is online. This probably has something to do with the fact that it is very convenient, as everything can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Before parting with your cash for gold coins and bars, it’s vital that you do some research on the seller to make sure they are on the level. The last thing you want to do is get ripped off!

Buy some books

Fortunately, there are many good books on the subject of buying gold. By reading a few of these, it will give you a greater understanding of the whole process, and will also decrease your chances of being scammed. Spend the time gaining as much knowledge about the subject as you can.

Storing gold

Once you have purchased some gold, then you need to keep it in a safe place away from prying eyes. Some people have ignored this advice, only to end up having their gold stolen! Don’t let this happen to you.

There are many different options for storing gold. You could keep it in a special vault with a company who offers this service, or even keep it in a safe at your house. You might even want to bury it in your garden, although this is not generally recommended.


Don’t get left behind. 2013 is the year for buying gold. Buy as much as you can right now, and enjoy a huge return on your investment in the future.


How to Claim Back PPI From Your Bank

Woman Writing a chequeThe banks had it good for a long time. They mis-sold millions of PPI policies that were basically worthless, and then enjoyed the monthly profits that came from your hard earned cash.

Now the tables have been turned. Recently, the government ordered them to pay back all of the money that they wrongfully took, in a move that could see billions of pounds paid back to innocent consumers just like you.

So is Claiming ppi against your bank a hard thing to do? Not if you follow the simple steps below…

Step 1 – Identify how much you are owed

It’s important to identify how much you are owed before you contact the banks. The best way to do this is by using a PPI calculator, as all you need to do is enter a few basic details and then it will work out a specific amount. Once you know how much you are owed, then you can move onto the next step.

Step 2 – Contact the bank by letter

Simply write a letter to your bank asking for the money, and in a few short weeks you could be receiving a check through the post.

Not sure what to write? In this case, you could use one of the many PPI template letters that are available to download free of charge on the internet. You then fill in the blanks and pop your letter in the post.

Step 3 – Contact the bank again

If you don’t hear anything back from the bank about your PPI case, then you should send them another letter.

Again, you can find many PPI template letters for this situation, so you don’t have to sit there staring at a blank piece of paper for hours on end.

Step 4 – Contact a PPI specialist

Still not having much success with the bank? If they are playing hardball, or just don’t want to give you what is rightfully yours, then you may have no other choice but to contact a PPI specialist.

These companies are experts at dealing with the banks and winning PPI cases, so you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Simply give them a quick ring and talk with one of their experts about your situation. If they are satisfied that you have a strong case, then they will be more than willing to do all of the hard work for you.


How to Find a Bad Credit Lender in Canada?

The recent economic downturn in Canada has been tough for many people. In communities where there was once an abundance of jobs, there are now 100 applicants for every opening.

These dire circumstances have led thousands of people getting deep into debt. Not only that, but their credit rating has suffered as a result, which means they struggle to get any new loans or credit cards.

If you find yourself in a position where your credit is low and you need a loan, then you may be wondering what to do next?

Fortunately, there is a way to get your hands on the money you so desperately need. You see, there are now many bad credit loans Canada lenders who are willing to take the risk and loan you some money.

So how do you find these bad credit lenders? Let’s take a look…

Search engine

The fastest way to locate a bad credit lender in Canada is to do a simple search on Google or Bing. This should give you many different results, so you can begin visiting lender websites and seeing what they have to offer. Just be aware of choosing the first lender that you find, as you may end up paying over the odds in interest rates and fees.

Comparison website

It’s a much better idea to visit a comparison website to find a bad credit lender in Canada. This way, you are able to compare lenders side by side, and then choose the company with the most favorable rates. This is a huge time saver, as you don’t have to visit lender sites individually.

Use a broker

Did you know that there are some brokers in Canada that specialize in finding bad credit loans? These brokers are essentially the middle-men between you and the lender, and they can be a good way to find bad credit lenders who offer loans with low interest rates.

Look for reviews

Struggling to find a bad credit lender in Canada? Not sure who to trust? If this is the case, then the best way forward to to look for reviews from past customers. You can typically find reviews on financial blogs and forums, both positive and negative. Spend some time reading these reviews before coming to a final decision.


Just be careful not to overextend yourself when getting a bad credit loan. At the end of the day, if you are already deep in debt, then you don’t want to make the situation worse.


3 Facts About Reclaiming Payment Protection Insurance

questioningAs you are no doubt aware, reclaiming payment protection insurance is all the rage these days. The reason? Because financial institutions such as banks and credit card firms willingly stole billions of pounds from UK consumers, in a move that shocked the world and left many people angry and frustrated.

Luckily, the prime minister himself stepped in and put an end to the madness. The institutions were ordered to pay back every penny, and since that time millions of ordinary citizens have been compensated.

However, a Financial Times expert recently wrote that there are millions more people in the UK that are yet to reclaim payment protection insurance, or PPI for short, and over the next couple of years there could still be over a Billion (yes with a “B”) pounds to paid out.

Here 3 facts about reclaiming PPI:

Don’t go it alone

It seems that reclaiming PPI is not that straightforward if you try to do it on your own. Expect to be messed around, bombarded with useless letters from the banks, and spending most of the time tearing your hair out in frustration. For this reason, it’s highly recommended that you use the services of a PPI claims company such as ppi claims handler so you can get the money quickly.

The average payout is £6,747

Did you know that you could be owed thousands of pounds in PPI compensation? As you will no doubt agree, this is certainly not small fry, and for many people right now this amount of money could even change their life. Recent statistics suggest that the average PPI payout is £6,747, which means if you have yet to make a claim then you should do so as soon as possible.

PPI claims companies are free

Don’t think you can afford a PPI claims company? Think again! You see, all legitimate companies such as PPI Claims Handler are prepared to work on a no win, no fee basis, so this means that you only pay their 25% fee once you have the money safely in your bank account. Make no mistake about it, you can reclaim PPI even if you’re completely broke right now, and there is absolutely zero risk on your shoulders.

Final word

PPI, also known as payment protection insurance has been described as a “gold rush” by many leading experts. Ultimately, a gold rush doesn’t last forever, so this means you should make your claim as soon as you can.


Quick Cash on The Side? YES You Can!

a benjamin!Sometimes the money you get from your job just isn’t enough, and if you need to pay off a bill or reduce your debts then some quick cash on the side could really come in handy.

Luckily, our resident financial experts have compiled some of the quickest and easiest ways to make quick cash on the side, so you should pay very close attention to the following information.

Just make sure you declare any extra earnings with the IRS, as making quick cash on the side and then not paying tax on it will land you in jail.

Watch TV to earn quick cash

Can you really make some cash on the side by watching TV? Actually you can, thanks to a rather ingenious App called Viggle. While you won’t get rich, if you currently watch a lot of TV then you might as well get paid for it…right?

Interestingly, it was recently announced that Time Warner Cable might be launching something similar in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.

Hold a yard sale

If you have a load of stuff that you don’t use anymore, then holding a yard sale is a fast and easy way to get rid of it all. However, don’t expect to get top dollar, as the whole point of a yard sale is to offer second hand stuff at rock bottom prices.

Invite family, friends, and neighbors round, and in no time at all you will have some quick cash in your back pocket.

Paid surveys

Quite possibly one of the laziest ways to earn extra cash on the side is to take part in paid surveys. A simple search in Google will give you many different companies that are looking for people to do this, and if you don’t mind spending a few hours a night answering basic questions about yourself, then you could soon be earning a couple of hundred dollars a month.

Just be aware of any scam companies out there, and if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

Wash windows

It’s not exactly glamorous, but washing windows is a great way to earn some extra cash on the side. At the end of the day, there are millions of windows out there, and most people don’t want to wash them.

Take advantage of this by setting up your own window washing service in the evenings and on weekends. Who knows…if it starts to take off then you could even quit your job and wash windows on a full time basis.


How to Get Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

car on roadIn recent years, the cost of operating a motor vehicle has risen sharply. With expenses such as fuel, tax, repairs, and auto insurance coverage to consider, many people are now thinking about giving up their car for good.

However, taking such drastic measures might be a little bit of a knee jerk reaction, especially when you consider that it is now possible to get cheap auto insurance quotes and save a bundle.

Interested to find out more? Keep reading…

Get the right car

The best way to receive cheap auto insurance quotes is to get the right car for the job. In this day and age, having a car that is high powered and of high value significantly raises the cost of insurance, which means this might be a good time to downsize.

Driving less distance

The distance you cover during the year will have a bearing on how much your auto insurance is. In a nutshell, the more you drive, the increased risk of getting into an accident, so auto insurance companies have to charge you accordingly.

With this in mind, maybe you could try using your car less? Sure you might need to to drive to work and back, but do you really need to use it all the time? By driving less distance over the course of a year you will potentially save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Park off the street

Another way to get the cheapest auto insurance quotes is to park your car off the street. Let’s face it, these days there are groups of vicious young punks roaming the streets until the wee hours, and if your car is on the street then at some point it probably will get vandalized, or even worse, stolen!

Auto insurance companies realize this, which is why they instantly put you into a high risk category if your car is parked on the street. For this reason, consider putting your car in a garage or secure location away from the road overnight.

Pump up your excess

Did you know that you can increase your excess to make huge savings on auto insurance? What this basically means is that if you are involved in an accident, then the amount you would have to pay out of your own pocket would be more, but if you consider yourself a safe driver, then this just might be a risk worth taking.

At the end of the day, by pumping up your excess, you can expect to make huge savings on any auto insurance coverage plan.


Is Living in Edmonton Expensive?

building and moneyMany people thinking about moving to Canada choose Alberta as their number one destination. The reason? Because there are plenty of jobs and it’s a beautiful place to live with a very diverse landscape.

One of the most popular cities in Alberta is Edmonton, but is living in Edmonton expensive, or will you be better off living elsewhere such as Calgary or in a smaller town?

Actually, living in Edmonton can be extremely cheap, as long as you keep an eye on your money and know a few tricks on how to save some dollars here and there.

Below are some tips on how to make living in Edmonton as cheap as possible:

Compare energy providers

One of the main attractions of living in Edmonton is that there is an abundance of energy companies operating in the area, which means competition is fierce and the prices are constantly being driven lower.

This is good news for the consumer, as it’s very possible to get extremely good deals on your energy, meaning your monthly bills will be very affordable. For example, Direct Energy Edmonton are well known for beating any quote that a rival energy company provides, so you are guaranteed to get electricity and gas at rock bottom rates.

Shopping in bulk

There are many stores in the Edmonton area that allow you to shop in bulk, so you can get discounts on all of your favorite food brands. In recent years, grocery shopping has become a major expense for many families, so it’s always a good idea to do everything you can to slash these prices as much as possible.

Experience the great outdoors

It’s no secret that Edmonton has some wonderful scenery, which means you should be tempted to leave the car at home and get out to experience the great outdoors.

As an example, during the summer going on long bike rides is a great idea, and you could even stop in the woods for a picnic and a dip in the river. This requires very little money, but it is a great time for the whole family.

Just be cautious of grizzly bears, especially if you are new to the Edmonton area. While they might seem warm and cuddly from afar, if you ever come eyeball to eyeball with a grizzly bear, so close that you can smell the salmon on his breath, then you might find yourself in a fight to the death where your karate training is worthless.


2 Million Brits Win Medical Negligence Settlements

british flagYou won’t hear anything about it in the newspapers, on the television, or from the man or woman on the street. The authorities are keeping their mouth firmly shut, and there is an eerie silence whenever anyone mentions the subject of medical negligence.

Despite this “mums the word” attitude, you may be surprised to learn that approximately 2 million Brits won medical negligence settlements in 2013. This was all done “under the radar” and the cash was silently wired to their bank accounts just after midnight every single time to avoid any suspicion or unnecessary prying eyes.

Interestingly, almost all of these medical negligence cases were settled within a few short weeks and didn’t require anybody to turn up at court. The cases never even went to court!

The reason? Because these 2 million people realized the importance of having a medical negligence solicitor on their side. You see, the right solicitor knows exactly what to say in order to get this automated response from doctor surgeries and hospitals around the country…”talk to our insurance company.”

Once you get this automated response, then you are basically quids in, as the insurance companies prefer to just pay out rather than take the matter any further.

Not any solicitor can trigger this automated response though, you have to find the right one. Fortunately, the leading website on medical negligence matters – – have a Rolodex of the leading solicitors in the country. Go to their website, put in your contact details, and everything will be revealed.

Don’t hang around though. While the medical negligence claim door might currently be wide open, it is not expected to be like this for much longer. Pretty soon, more and more people will start to get a sniff of what is going on, and before long it will become mainstream news.

This will open the floodgates to a huge amount of claims, and that is when the hospitals and medical institutions start fighting back. Their insurance companies will start hiring high powered legal firms, and you can expect every single medical negligence case end up in court. Not pretty.

That’s why you should get in right now while the medical negligence settlement gold rush is in full swing. Remember, pioneers profit while copycats snooze and lose.

So get talking with a medical negligence solicitor today, and let them unlock the hidden fortune that could soon be silently transferred into your bank account.


If You Don’t Avoid These Huge Money Blunders in 2014…

no way signIt is estimated that around 235 million Americans will spend 2014 deep in debt. This is certainly a shocking figure, and it just goes to show how the majority of people literally “murder their money.”

Quite simply, if you don’t avoid the huge money blunders mentioned in this article during 2014…then you will become victim to the upcoming financial apocalypse!

In the next few years the gap between rich and poor is going to get a lot wider. The rich will be living like kings and watching money flow like wine, all while the poor struggle just to pay for the basics.

Avoid these huge money blunders, and you have a sporting chance of saving your bacon and getting away from hardship and squalor.

Taking silly property risks

Sure, everybody would like to get their foot on the property ladder and start making some wonga, but in reality, most people just don’t have the financial means to do so.

With this in mind, you should be very careful when engaging with things like bridge financing and secured personal loans. If you start struggling with the repayments, then you will lose your house and spend the next 15 years in financial oblivion.

Relying on payday loans

When used now and again, payday loans won’t do you much harm. Unfortunately, millions of people get caught in a vicious cycle of borrowing money from short term lenders, and this is usually a slippery slope towards all out “money carnage.”

If you find yourself relying on payday loans, then you really need to stop and consider your situation. Reduce your expenses, get help from a debt charity, negotiate with lenders…anything to stop the madness and get yourself on the path to freedom and prosperity.

Not saving money

It is now more essential than ever before to save money on a regular basis. Life has a funny way of throwing you curve balls when you least expect it, which is why you need some funds tucked away for a rainy day.

For this reason, it’s highly recommended that you save a portion of your income each and every month like clockwork. Even if it’s only a few hundred dollars, within a year or two you will have built up a nice little “emergency fund” that will see you through the hard times.


Hopefully, you don’t make any of the huge money blunders mentioned above. If you do, then make no mistake about it…hard times are coming your way.


How Gold is a Great Investment to Have as a Retirement Account

401 savingInvesting for your retirement is a real mind boggle. If you’re not financially savvy, then the chances of losing your shirt become extremely high.

Let’s face it, investments are going up and down all the time, which means putting your hard earned cash into something becomes more of a gamble than an investment.

While this is true of the vast majority of investments, there are a few that have become well known as the exception to the rule. For example gold is a great investment to have as a retirement account for many different reasons.

This is why millions of people make a gold ira investment every single year, so they can secure their financial future and gain peace of mind about their retirement.

Here are 4 reasons why gold is a great investment:

It’s limited

The main reason gold is such a great investment for your future is because it’s limited. Also, the demand is huge, which means the price of gold will continue to rise no matter what happens in the economy.

With all of this in mind, it’s easy to see why you should be buying gold right now before it’s too late.

No ups and down

If you look closely at this gold infographic – then you will notice that gold has shown steady and reliable increases over the last 100 years.

This is not like investing in stocks and shares, where the price is up one minute and down the next. Who wants to ride a volatile roller coaster into retirement? Nobody! And this is exactly why you should invest in gold.

Gold is an international currency

Another huge advantage of investing in gold is that it is well known internationally. If the world economy collapsed tomorrow, gold would be the only currency worth anything, and this gives you a huge advantage over just about everybody else.

Not only that, but when you are ready to cash in on your gold later on down the line, you might be able to get more money by selling to an international buyer rather than someone in your own country.

Gold has multiple uses

The reason why gold will always be valuable is because it has multiple uses. There is something alluring about the sight of gold, which is why people will always want to use it on things such as watches, chains, necklaces, and rings.


As you can see, gold is the number one investment you should have as a retirement account. The only question that remains is…what are you going to do about it?


How to Trim The Fat From Your Monthly Expenses

billsIs your money going in one hand and out the other? Perhaps you want to save money, but never have any left over at the end of the month?

If this is the case, then you should consider having a closer look at your monthly expenses. Are you spending money on unnecessary items? Is there a way you could reduce costs?

Below is some tips from our resident financial experts on how to trim the fat from your monthly expenses.

Change energy suppliers

Energy bills are a necessary expense, but with a bit of searching around you could save a lot of money. Visit a site like Airdrie Direct Energy to find out more about changing energy suppliers.

Ditch the memberships

Are you paying a monthly fee to a gym you never visit? Or maybe you have $5.99 taken out of your bank account each month by Netflix? At the end of the day, these kind of memberships soon start to add up, and when left alone will put a serious dent in your monthly expenses. This is why we recommend ditching any memberships that are not absolutely essential.

Get rid of household services

Having a gardener, window cleaner, or general handyman can make your life a bit easier, but how much money are they taking from you each month? With the weather soon to start picking up, you should think about doing a lot of these kind of jobs yourself.

Ultimately, doing a bit of gardening and washing the windows doesn’t take up too much time, and you won’t have to continue putting a drain on your monthly expenses.

Buy in bulk

Many people never realize that they could save money on their monthly expenses by buying in bulk. As an example, if you buy on average 10 cans of baked beans a month, then why not buy a large container of 300 tins at a discounted price? This will last for a few years, which means over the long term you will be saving money.

Buy second hand

Thanks to sites such as Ebay and Craigslist, buying second hand goods has never been easier. Why pay $200 for a brand new designer dress, when you can find almost the same thing second hand for $50? If you get into the habit of buying second hand on a regular basis, then expect to save a lot of money over the coming months and years.


PPI Expert Answers Your Questions

question signsWhen you are certain that you have been mis sold PPI, then the only way forward is to make a claim. Unfortunately, making a claim on your own is no longer a viable option, as the banks have become wise to all the “template letters” hitting their mailbox.

In order to give yourself the best possible chance of success, you need to hire a PPI claims company to work on your behalf and contact the banks. They use their insider knowledge to get you every penny that you deserve.

One of the most respected companies is and their chief expert has taken the time recently to answer your questions.

How long will a PPI claim take?

In our experience, the average PPI claim takes around 8 to 10 weeks, although it can sometimes be shorter. Beware of any PPI claims company telling you that they can get your money in 1 or 2 weeks, as this is a complete lie.

What is the cost of using a PPI claims company?

The standard industry rate of 25% of the total amount awarded is typically what a company will charge you. So for example, if you win £10,000, then a PPI claims company will take £2500 as their fee. As you will no doubt agree, this is a much better model than having to pay any money upfront, as there is a high chance you won’t win a payout and your money will be lost forever.

When was PPI first mis sold?

During our research, we have found that PPI was first mis sold as far back as the mid nineties. This means you could have been mis sold PPI on a loan or credit card 15 or 20 years ago! If you want to delve further into the history of your loans to see if you have a claim, then don’t hesitate to contact one of out team members at PPI Claims Online for more information.

I recently started my own claim…can you take it on?

If you’re not having much luck contacting the banks by yourself, then we will be more than happy to take over your case and work on your behalf. The only conditions is that it must be within six months of receiving a rejection letter from the bank, and you must NOT have contacted the Financial Ombudsman Service at any time regarding your PPI case.

I don’t have any paperwork from previous loans…help?

This is no problem at all. Simply let us know who the lenders were, and we can make the appropriate checks to find out of you are owed PPI. Don’t remember the names of the lenders? No problem either, as we can easily find this out for you as well.


Landlord Tips – How to Save Money

coins and notesIn this tough economy, saving money is now more important than ever before. This is especially true if you are a landlord in the UK, as keeping your costs low is the key to running a profitable venture.

Luckily, our resident financial experts are on hand to provide you with some excellent money saving tips. Sit back, relax, and absorb the information below.

Save money on landlord insurance

Every landlord needs to be fully insured for maximum protection. However, insurance premiums are often very expensive, which means they can end up leaving a serious hole in your pocket.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. Thanks to the internet, you can now compare commercial landlord insurance from UK Landlord with only a few clicks of your mouse. Never has finding affordable landlord insurance been easier or faster.

Save money on repairs

It doesn’t matter if the properties you rent out are old or new, there will always be repairs that end up costing you money.

However, this doesn’t need to put too much of a drain on your finances, especially when you find a quality contractor that you can trust.

The best way to find an affordable contracting company who are not out out to rip you off is to look online. There are many websites out there dedicated to listing contractors in your area, with reviews from real people.

Save money with an accountant

No matter if you are an experienced landlord who has been in the game for many years, or a newbie landlord who is still finding his feet, you should consider getting a good accountant. The reason? Because they can save you a lot of money!

Let’s face it, you probably don’t have the time to learn all of the different aspects of preparing a tax return and what kind of expenses you can claim for, which is why it’s a good idea to hire an accountant to do all of the hard work for you.

Check the yellow pages for the contact details of accountants in your local area, or ask friends and family for their recommendations.

Save money on a mortgage

Getting a mortgage is typically the easiest way to buy new property and expand your real estate empire. Unfortunately, in recent years being approved for a mortgage has become a lot more difficult, and even if you do get approved, the interest rates are often through the roof.

The key component here is your credit score. Keep this in good shape, and you will have no problems getting the right mortgage for your needs, and at the lowest interest rates possible.


PPI Claims – Your Questions Answered!

Question Mark on keyboardThe great PPI scandal is always in the news. Millions of ordinary Brits were scammed out of their money by the banks, but now the roles are reversed and it’s time for revenge.

Are you still a bit confused about the subject of PPI claims? If so, then don’t fear, as we have answered the most common questions below…

Can you tell me if I have a PPI claim?

We can’t, but there are people who can. Simply visit and then sign up to speak to an advisor. They will be able to tell you if you are eligible to make a PPI claim.

How much money could I be owed?

This varies on a case by case basis, so it is impossible to give you a specific figure. However, please be aware that the vast majority of PPI victims are awarded sums that go into thousands of pounds.

The average settlement is £8,352, and we have even heard of people getting checks for upwards of £20,000. The best way to find out how much money you could be owed is to speak with an advisor as detailed above.

Can I claim PPI on my own?

Yes you can, but we don’t recommend it. Those sneaky banks have perfected the art of ignoring genuine requests for a PPI reclaim.

This means there is a high chance that your letters and phone calls will be ignored, and you could end spending months of your valuable time banging your head against a brick wall. With this in mind, we highly recommend that you use the services of a professional PPI reclaim company.

Can you tell me more about PPI reclaim companies please?

Yes we can. Typically, PPI reclaim companies work on a “no win no fee” basis, which means if they don’t win your case, then no money exchanges hands. In other words, there is no risk on your part.

The only thing you need to be aware of is the fact that these companies take around 25% of the awarded settlement as their fee. Ultimately though, this is a small price to pay when you consider that they do all of the grunt work and all you have to do is collect the check.

Not only that, but these reclaim companies are highly skilled at negotiating the highest amount of compensation possible, which means you will receive a lot more money than if you were to try and make a claim yourself.


4 Online Business Tips

wireless miceWho needs the headache of business premises, utility bills, and rent payments. Setting up a business online is obviously the way to go. You can operate everything from your kitchen table, with only a laptop and an internet connection. Heck, you don’t even need to get dressed when you turn up for “work” in the morning.

Here are online business tips to get you started. Enjoy!

Get paid on time

Let’s say you are planning to be an online freelancer working for clients. One of the main problems with this kind of work is getting paid on time. In fact, you could end up spending hours of your time chasing down clients and sending reminders.

Luckily there is a solution, and it won’t cost you a penny. Many people are experiencing the benefits of Free Online Invoicing Software that automatically generates invoices and sends them out. Simple, fast, and easy!

Start small

Sure, you might have grand plans of online business success, but it’s important to realize that it probably won’t happen overnight.

For this reason, you should aim to start small, reach your targets, and gradually build up your business into an empire. This is the way that every internet millionaire has become rich. You should do the same.

Do what you enjoy

There is nothing worse than waking up every morning and dreading the day ahead. With this in mind, your online business should be centered abound something that you enjoy. Not only will this make you more excited, but it’s also easier to work longer hours if you are having fun.

Just make sure that what you choose is actually profitable. Sometimes, people follow their passion, only to find out there is no money to be made. Ideally, you should seek out something that is both enjoyable and profitable, because if you aren’t making any money, then it isn’t a business, it’s a hobby.

Always be learning

It doesn’t matter who you are or how much money you’ve made, there is always more to learn. This is why you should set aside a certain number of hours each week for reading books, listening to audios, and working through study courses.

Commit to lifelong learning, and you will always be coming up with new ideas on how to take your online business forward.


We hope you have found these online business tips helpful and enlightening. Now get out there and make some money!


3 Tips For Payday Loan Borrowers

finance checkWhen the bills start piling up, and your bank balance is in the red, then the only option to get out of the mess is a payday loan.

Payday loans are available in every town and city across the United States, and there are also thousands of lenders online.

This means you are certainly spoiled for choice, and with a bit of searching around, you should get approved for the loan that you so desperately need.

Here are 3 tips for payday loan borrowers:

Bad credit doesn’t matter

Maybe you are holding off from applying for a payday loan because you have bad credit? Actually, bad credit doesn’t matter, as payday lenders don’t even run a credit check against your name. With this in mind, you should feel confident about applying for a payday loan.

That doesn’t mean you should just ignore your bad credit though. In the long run, it pays to be working on improving your credit score. The best way to do this is by hiring one of the best credit repair firms out there. For just a small fee, you can get the ball rolling and have your credit situation sorted out in no time at all.

Borrow the least amount possible

Another good tip for payday loan borrowers is to borrow the least amount possible. In other words, if you need $200 to pay the bills, then only borrow $200. Don’t be tempted to get $500 so you can use $300 for the latest Playstation console. This is isn’t a very smart move, as the loan then becomes harder to pay back.

In no time at all, you could find yourself thousands of dollars in debt, with no way to pay it back. Remember, payday lenders will add extra fees and charges to the total amount you owe every time a payment is missed, so things can quickly spiral out of control.

This is only a short term solution

You should not aim to be a payday loan borrower over the long term. Payday loans are meant as a solution to short term financial problems. If you find yourself in a position where you need payday loans every month just to get by, then there is something seriously wrong.

The best way to sort out your finances is by creating a budget. Write down all of the income you have coming in each month, and then on a separate piece of paper write down your expenses. The main aim here is to start cutting out unnecessary expenses, so you free up cash and don’t need to rely upon payday loans.